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The Ten Essentials

Always carry the 10 essentials!

  1. Navigation (map, compass, GPS, extra batteries)

  2. Insulation (Weather protection; rain pants/jacket, extra clothes, hat, gloves, large plastic bag, no cotton )

  3. Illumination (two) headlamp, flashlight, extra batteries)

  4. Personal Protection - sunscreen, first aid, medications, clear/dark glasses, bug repellent 

  5. Fire (waterproof matches, fire starter, saw, knife,)

  6. Signaling Devices - cell phone w backup battery charger, mirror, whistle

  7. Repair kit and tools (specific to the adventure and season)

  8. Nutrition (extra food for 24 hour, high calorie, won't freeze or spoil)

  9. Hydration (extra water, means to filter or purification tablets)

  10. Emergency shelter (reflective waterproof tarp, bivy sack, extra large leaf bag, cord)


Best practices:

- Check the weather before you leave and do your homework on the route you choose. 

- Travel with  another person. 

- Leave written travel details - route/trail you are taking, expected timeline, who is in group, and when you expect to return.

- Stay together and stick to your plan... Stay the Trail.

- When in doubt, Dial 911 sooner than later. It's just a phone call, make it.

- Read our Backcountry Guidelines


Colorado Search and Rescue never charges for assistance. 

More details on these items can be found here:

The Mountaineers

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