Behind the Scenes of SAR
How can I help more?
This PDF is a complete list of 2022 Coordinator jobs and contact names

There are many behind the scene committees that help make SAR great. Below is a partial list for your review. Each require a different level of commitment or skill level. Please consider joining or helping if you have the time.

Radio Committee: Email  Bill Sample

Do you have an interest in communications, programming radios, pagers, maintaining the the radio and pager inventory? Contact Bill to get started.

Training Coordinator: Email Danny Andres
Each month we do a training before the General Meeting. We also have a few Saturday trainings that are more in-depth. If you have an interest in helping set up training, schedule trainers, establish the annual training calendar by committee input, or do 'anything' training... contact the Training Coordinator.


Car Show Coordinator: Bridget Bryson/Jinan Martini: Email

The Car Show is our biggest and main fundraiser. Small details happen throughout the year. There are many short lists as well as more involved tasks that need attention. Folks on the car show team help organize the details. The entire membership is involved with this fundraiser at some point. To be a part of the Core Car Show Team email coordinator.



Event Coordinator: Email Colby Colgate

Organize member volunteers and their responsibilities for sar related events throughout the year. Create and/or update documentation on event logistics for future reference. Support car show core team. Collaborate with Secretary on annual calendar with respect to events and their timeline. Contact the Event Coordinator if you are interested in helping.  

Medical Supply Coordinator: Email Amy Espinosa
If you have an interest in keeping our medical supplies up to date and recommending new inventory contact Amy for more information. Medical supplies are our subjects life line and we need member volunteers that can stay on top of best practices. Contact the Medical Supply Coordinator to help out.

Fleet Manager: Mark Parsell
If you are a motor head and like fixing or making better all things with wheels, this is for you. Mark takes care of all the 'wheeled equipment' in the sar bay. This is above and beyond our Saturday equipment Check. Contact him if you would like to be part of his team. 

What are the Officer positions and how do I become an Officer?

October of each year a nominating committee is tasked with seeking qualified members to run for each officer position. Each officer position is for one year and an officer is limited to three consecutive years in that position. The nominating committee presents their slate of officers by the November meeting. The members vote on each candidate.  


Vice President



Officer Job Descriptions updated for 2022